Delivery Time: 3-10 Miniutes

This service removes Apple ID account on activated Mac turning Find My Mac option OFF permanently. After successful remove you can restore/erase and update your Mac without fear to be locked again!


- You need to have access to the Mac menu like desktop and System Preferences
- Mac should be activated
- Mac with T2/M1 security chip
- Mac OS from Catalina till Big Sur


Results Sample:


Serial Number: C02CX1XXXXX
Status: Approved for Remove
1. Download iRemove Tools Software from
2. Follow Bypass instructions:




Order will be rejected in 24 hrs automatically if the devices will not be connected to the soft for the removing process.


In case the soft shows that device is not supported please use this guide to prepare your device for FMM remove:


Note: After successful Apple ID remove press OK to start restarting process. During reinstall you need to enter recovery mode again -> hold Command (⌘)-R until you see an Apple logo or other image. Select Reinstall macOS from the utilities window in macOS Recovery menu.


- Not Activated devices are NOT SUPPORTED
- iCloud Activation Lock is NOT SUPPORTED
- Apple ID blocked for security reasons are NOT SUPPORTED




Supported Models in testing mode.