Delivery Time: 1-4 Weeks

Price: $ 264

Here are the examples of the photos we ask for unlocking iCloud

Lost also supported

To be able to unlock iCloud we need to have 3 photos with the following characteristics:

- The iPhone must be in the language of the country Where it comes from

- The photo must be of very good quality and completely legible

- Have a simple background (white preferably) and nothing else visible than what we ask

- Nn picture 3, the iPhone must be visible entirely and as straight as possible

- Do not take a photo directly on WhatsApp Because the quality will be bad

- Do not send us the pictures if they are not exactly the same quality as the pictures you see above, if you have a doubt it is that the quality will not be suitable

The photos we ask are going to be sent to apple, that's why we ask you an irreproachable quality and to strictly respect the instructions otherwise we will not be able to do the unlocking because Apple will refuse us.